Epoxy Painting Installer and Corrosion Inhibitor Bekasi Cikarang

If your factory need repaint or your new on epoxy, our company can provide the best solution for your need. We have experienced handling both epoxy new installment or repaint. If your company is in Indonesia, we love to help you on your projects. our project is around Cikarang, Bekasi Tanggerang also in Surabaya and Surabaya.


The benefit of using Epoxy is mention below :

1. The floor is not pealing so easily

2. The Floor will look glossy and clean, bad spot will easily spotted

3. Resistant to chemical material

4. Not Slick and easy to clean

5.Withstand heavy load , like forklift


The Thickness of Epoxy Paint  for flooring generally around 2000 micron, but for flooring use is around about 500 to 1000 micron, the thickness we suggest is also depend on the condition of your floor. Thats why we need to observe your floor first before deciding anything.

For more info about Epoxy Floor Service and Epoxy Coating that we provide please contact us at 0812 1233 9393. We as Epoxy Painting Installer love to help you with it.



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