Seeking made to Order Furniture in Jakarta

Custom Made, Made to Order Furniture Service in Jakarta maybe a tricky part of try to live your way in a big city like Jakarta. Butas one of Senior Service Interior Designer in this city, we love to help you with this kind of service. We have our own workshop in Jakarta. but one thing for sure, We give you alotof benefits if order with us


1. Quality custom made furniture

We have a top standard communication system that guarantee our custom made furniture services.

2.Our Marketing Team speak both English and Japanese.

For many expat in Jakarta ,communication is hell ,but we have marketing services that solid, speak both English and Japanese and also graduated  from Product Design faculty.

3. We have our own workshop

We build and have our own workshop, we can manage capacity of our workshop to fulfill clients requirements.

4. A lot of Portfolios and website.

We done plenty of projects, interior and furniture. We upload most of them to this VDI website. Everyone also can contact us to use our Interior Design Service in Jakarta or just order some Custom Made Furniture

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