Interior Design Service in Sudirman Area Jakarta

Interior Design Service in Sudirman Area Jakarta for a professional Apartemen Interior Fit out please contact our representative at 62812 -1233 -9393 , VDI is an Indonesian company that established about 10 years ago and have handled various project in the terms of interior fit out, full furnish apartemen office interior and also housing interior consultant.

Interior Design Anandamaya Residence Sudirman Jakarta

Being able to handled various customer from small to big company and leverage things trough design was our main goal. Many clients have experienced and use our proffesional help in this field. Small project from managing and layouting kitchen set in apartment until make a large amount of changes in luxurious apartment building make our crew from the interior designer until small junior staff have taken and build confidence to overcome future project.

Interior Desainer Indonesia Projek Apartemen Anandamaya Residence Jakarta

One of our newest finished project was on Anandamaya Residence Jakarta, one of newest apartement project on Sudirman district was so challenging one. When you bought unit on this apartment you simply get nice kitchen set and good material in it. So simply as an contractor you can manage simplify work by taken action on bed room and living room only, if your client was looking for a minimalist looking apartment, but they want a classic one, there is many things to do with received unit.

You can see many of our portfolio on this website or simply follow our instagram at Hope this blog inspiring and help you to determine best partner when in come on renovating interior in Jakarta Area.


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